This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to mobile app 
development for the Android platform. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Android app 
development, covering topics such as user interface design, data storage, networking, and 
application deployment. The course combines theoretical concepts with hands-on practical 
exercises to equip students with the skills needed to develop and deploy functional Android 

1. Understand Android Development Basics

2. User Interface (UI) Design

3. Fundamentals of Java Programming for Android

4. Data Storage

5. Networking and Web Services

6. Multimedia and Location-based Services

7. Application Deployment


  • Madan 30 Days ago


    Though some videos can feel long, the idea is to explain everything in detail. It's perfect for students like me who want to dig deep in the Android development domain.

  • Jitender 28 Days ago


    The course is good. I’m just waiting for the update on the Android 12 app. Some parts of the code are still encrypted, which makes it challenging for new learners to decode and understand. Go for it!

  • Pintu Kumar 26 Days ago


    This course is suitable for both novices and individuals with some experience. It offers a comprehensive introduction on Android, covering all the essential points. The instructor's teaching style is truly praiseworthy, as the material present is clear and concise. Get your hands on this course guys.

  • Rishi Kakdia 23 Days ago


    Assisted me in learning so many new concepts. I am really hooked on the way the instructor uses stories to explain certain concepts. Looking forward to completing this course as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Android?

Android is a popular mobile operating system based on Linux, used on smartphones, tablets, and even some TVs.

What are some advantages of Android?

Android is known for being open-source (customizable), offering a vast app selection (Google Play Store), and having various phone options at different price points.

What are the features of Android?

Android offers customizable home screens, vast app selection, multitasking, voice assistants, and strong connectivity options.

How do I download apps on Android?

Most commonly, download apps through the official Google Play Store app pre-installed on your device.

Is there a monthly fee for using Android?

No, the Android operating system itself is free. App prices vary, with many free options and some requiring payment.

How do I browse the internet on Android?

Android comes with a pre-installed web browser like Chrome. Open the browser and type in the web address you want to visit.

What are widgets on Android?

Widgets are mini-apps you can place on your home screen for quick access to information or app features, like weather or news updates.

What does "factory reset" mean on Android?

This can be a scary term for some users. A factory reset restores your phone to its original settings, erasing all data and downloaded apps.

How do I use Google Assistant on Android?

Virtual assistants are gaining popularity. You can activate Google Assistant with your voice or by tapping the microphone icon and asking questions or giving commands.

What are Dark Mode and Night Light features on Android?

Dark Mode reduces screen glare and potentially saves battery. Night Light adjusts screen colors to warmer tones at night for easier viewing before sleep.