ASP.NET is a powerful open-source web development framework from Microsoft that 
allows you to create dynamic and interactive web applications. This comprehensive 
course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to build robust and scalable 
web applications using ASP.NET Core, the latest version of the framework. 

  • Understand the core concepts of ASP.NET Core MVC framework
  • Build web applications with Razor Pages and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Implement data access using Entity Framework Core
  • Secure your web applications with authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Deploy web applications to cloud platforms like Azure


  • Ram Kumar 31 Days ago


    The learning experience was engaging and exciting. Thanks to this course - now I can build scalable web applications using ASP.NET Core and Docker.

  • Sunder Paal 29 Days ago


    Way better and worthwhile than some of the way expensive ASP. Net courses out there.

  • Maansingh Aswal 26 Days ago


    Now I have a comprehensive understanding of web development - thanks to this course. The support was helpful and the syllabus compact and precise. Go for it guys!

  • Rohit 25 Days ago


    Thoughtfully crafted web development course Really enjoyed the interactive sessions. Looking forward to making new friends in this community.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is ASP and .NET the same?

ASP and .NET aren't twins, but more like family. .NET is the larger framework, offering tools for various applications. ASP (now discontinued) was a specific tool for web development within .NET. Today, ASP.NET, built on the .NET framework, is the go-to for web apps in the .NET world.

Is ASP.NET backend or frontend?

ASP.NET primarily focuses on the backend of web development. It provides tools and functionalities to handle server-side logic, database interaction, and application security. While ASP.NET can integrate with frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it excels at the behind-the-scenes work that powers a web application.

Does ASP.NET use Python?

ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework, primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. While you can integrate Python with ASP.NET using libraries, Python isn't typically used for core ASP.NET development.


No, ASP.NET itself isn't an API. It's a framework for building web applications. However, ASP.NET lets you create web APIs using features like ASP.NET Web API, which allows your application to expose data and functionality through APIs.

What is the highest salary of ASP.NET?

It's difficult to pinpoint a single "highest" salary for ASP.NET developers. But it depends on experience, location, and specific skills. However, ASP.NET developers can generally command competitive salaries in the tech job market.

Is ASP.NET an old technology?

ASP.NET itself isn't brand new, but it's actively maintained and evolving alongside the .NET framework. While ASP (its predecessor) is discontinued, ASP.NET offers modern features and stays relevant for web development.

What is the future of ASP.NET developer?

The future for ASP.NET developers looks bright! The framework is evolving with .NET, embracing cloud development and integration with AI and machine learning. Developers with ASP.NET skills and a willingness to adapt will be well-positioned for the future.

Is ASP.NET in demand?

Yes, ASP.NET remains in demand. Many existing web applications rely on it, and its focus on security and scalability makes it attractive for new development projects.

What is ASP.NET for beginners?

ASP.NET is a beginner-friendly framework for building web applications on the .NET platform. It provides structure and tools to handle the server-side logic behind a website, making it easier to focus on functionality without reinventing the wheel.

Is ASP.NET similar to Java?

ASP.NET and Java share the goal of web application development, but they use different approaches. ASP.NET relies on languages like C# within the .NET framework, while Java is a standalone language.