The Full Stack Web Development with Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate course is 
designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop robust 
and scalable web applications. The course covers both front-end and back-end 
development using Java as the programming language, Spring Boot as the framework, 
and Hibernate for data persistence. Students will gain hands-on experience in building 
dynamic and interactive web applications, understanding the entire development 
lifecycle from database design to front-end implementation.

1. Understand Full Stack Development

2. Master Java Programming

3. Utilize Spring Boot for Rapid Development

4. Implement Data Persistence with Hibernate

5. Create Responsive Front-Ends

6. Build RESTful APIs

7. Implement Security Measures

8. Database Design and Management

9. Version Control and Collaboration

10. Deployment and DevOps Practices


  • Bikash Anand 32 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate

    Excellent program! Provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of frontend development. The instructor was too good and knowledgeable. Seamless and satisfying learning experience .

  • Avinash Avi 31 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate

    So far so good. Though I am yet to complete it, but I am thankful to Potenza for making this course. Learned alot.

  • Digbijay Kumar 30 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate

    I have been a student at Potenza for a considerable period of time. The courses are tactfully structured and every concept is explained in detail. If you’re a newbie in web development, you will gain quite good knowledge from here. The faculty excels in breaking down complicated concepts and effectively conveying them to students. It is definitely a worthwhile investment of both money and time.

  • Manish Kumar 20 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate

    This course has made such a positive impact on my career. The learning solution fits my schedule and my learning style perfectly. Now I can learn at my own pace and at anytime. Also the backend support of Potenza is highly responsive. Appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Java Spring Boot full-stack?

No. Spring Boot itself is a backend development framework. It focuses on simplifying the process of creating web applications on the server side. But for building a full website, you’ll need a front-end framework like React.

Should I learn Hibernate before Spring Boot?

Not necessarily. Spring Boot simplifies backend development, so it can be learned without any Hibernate knowledge. However,  basic knowledge of object-persistence concepts (like ORMs) will definitely be helpful. So you can either learn them together or pick them up alongside Spring Boot.

Which is better Hibernate or Spring Boot?

It is not either/or! Hibernate is an Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) which simplifies data persistence and Spring Boot is a backend framework for building web applications. And they both work together beautifully! 

Which companies use Spring boots?

Spring Boot is highly popular in the enterprise world. Big names like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb, PWC rely on Spring Boot's speed and efficiency.

Is Spring Boot frontend or backend?

Spring Boot tackles the backend, handling server side logic, database interactions and APIs. It is the engine room of the website.

Can Java be used for full-stack web development?

Absolutely! Java with frameworks like Spring Boot on the backend and Thymeleaf or JSP for templating on the frontend is a powerful combo for full-stack development.

Do I need to learn Hibernate before Spring Boot?

As mentioned earlier, no! You can dive into Spring Boot first. However, grasping the basics of ORMs is helpful, but not mandatory. Hibernate integrates seamlessly for data handling when needed.

Is Spring Boot good for backend?

Spring Boot is a backend champion. It simplifies server configuration, dependency management, and deployment - helping you build strong and scalable backend applications. 

Does Netflix use Spring Boot?

Yes! Netflix leverages Spring Boot's microservices architecture for the functioning of its high-performance streaming platform.

How many websites use Spring Boot?

Millions of websites!There is no such central registry to track exact website usage.  Spring Boot's popularity is soaring due to its developer-friendly features and scalability.