The Professional Excel Course is designed to provide participants with advanced skills and 
knowledge in using Microsoft Excel for professional and business applications. The course 
covers a range of topics, from fundamental spreadsheet functionalities to advanced data 
analysis and visualization techniques. Participants will gain hands-on experience with real-world 
scenarios, equipping them with the tools needed to enhance their productivity and decisionmaking capabilities using Excel. 

1: Introduction to Tally and Accounting Basics

 2: Tally Installation and Configuration

3: Chart of Accounts and Ledgers

 4: Voucher Entry and Transactions

5: Tally GST Implementation

 6: GST Transactions and Compliance

7: Inventory Management in Tally

8: Advanced Accounting Features

 9: Financial Statements and Reports

 10: Bank Reconciliation and TDS

11: Tally Customization and Add-ons

12: Financial Analytics and Decision Making

 13: Budgeting and Forecasting in Tally

14: Tally Cloud and Remote Access

15: Capstone Project: Real-world Scenario



  • Gaurav 32 Days ago

    Tally with GST & Accounts

    The instructions of the faculty are clear and easy to understand. I learned what is accounting, the need for accounting, types of accounts and various other concepts on accounting. Keeping things simple and knowledgeable.

  • Raja Kumar 25 Days ago

    Tally with GST & Accounts

    Flexible! Beneficial! Worth the money. These are my few words to describe Potenza Educare and their courses. This would be my second course. Their teaching style, affordability and more importantly the knowledge they impart through these courses is what drives me back to this platform. The ethical hacking course is next on my list.

  • Sunil 24 Days ago

    Tally with GST & Accounts

    Just amazing! I just wish there was some live Q&A section for answering the doubts and queries. Most importantly, unlike other courses on the same topic, this course felt easy to understand.

  • Ravi Kumar 27 Days ago

    Tally with GST & Accounts

    Everything is going well up to this point. Even though I haven't finished it yet, I appreciate Potenza for creating this course. Gaining alot of knowledge from it. It’s a must have skill for everyone who is an aspiring accountant. Gives different levels of boost.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Tally is best for GST?

There isn't a single "best" Tally version for GST. However, Tally. ERP 9 and Tally Prime are both GST-compliant and widely used. Tally Prime is the latest version with a more user-friendly interface.

What is Tally and GST in computer?

Tally is a business accounting software, and GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a tax levied in India. Tally helps businesses manage their GST filing and compliance efficiently. Together, they streamline tax management. 

Is Tally easy to learn?

Tally is known for its user-friendly interface compared to traditional accounting software.  However, mastering it requires practice and understanding accounting principles. Our Tally With GST & Accounts course will be highly beneficial learning Tally.

How to fill GST in Tally?

The process involves the following steps: Creating HSN/SAC codes;  Configuring GST settings in Tally; Recording business transactions with proper GST implications,; Generating GST reports for tax filing.

Is Tally used now?

Tally remains a popular software widely used for accounting and GST in Indiiai, especially for small and medium businesses.

Which company uses Tally?

Many companies in India, particularly SMEs, utilize Tally. From startups to established businesses in various industries, Tally is a common accounting platform.

What is the Tally course with GST?

The Tally course with GST teaches you how to use Tally software for accounting tasks while considering GST regulations.

Why Tally is so famous?

Tally's popularity stems from its ease of use, affordability, and comprehensive features for accounting and GST compliance.

Is Tally used in MNC company?

While less common in MNCs, some might use Tally for specific purposes. MNCs often have standardized ERP systems for comprehensive business management.

Is Tally a good skill?

Tally is a valuable skill. for accounting and bookkeeping roles, especially in India. It shows proficiency in business finance and tax management