The Tele Sales Communication course is designed to equip participants 
with the essential skills and strategies needed for effective communication in the realm of 
telephonic sales. Through a comprehensive exploration of communication techniques, 
interpersonal skills, and sales psychology, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence 
to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of telesales. The course emphasizes practical 
applications, providing real-world scenarios and simulations to enhance learners' ability to 
navigate sales conversations over the phone successfully.

1: Introduction to TeleSales

2: Building a Strong Sales Foundation

3: Communication Essentials for Tele Sales

4: The Tele Sales Scrip

5: Building Rapport Over the Phone

6: Closing the Sale

7: Sales Follow-Up and Customer Relationship Management

8: Handling Rejections and Failure Resilience

9: Compliance and Ethical TeleSales 

10: Leveraging Technology in Tele Sales

11: Sales Metrics and Performance Evaluation

12: Adapting to Remote and Virtual Sales

13: Cross-Selling and Upselling Techniques

14: Handling Sales Objections

15: Personal Development for Tele Sales Professionals

16: Capstone Project: Tele Sales Simulation


  • Prem Chand 31 Days ago

    Telesales communication

    This course has been hands-on with telesales communication. I have joined a telesales team recently and this one showed at the right time on my feed. I feel confident now.

  • Jang Bahadur 28 Days ago

    Telesales communication

    Great content, and the delivery even greater. Whether you are a newbie in sales or have been in this industry for sometime - this course will be beneficial to all sales individuals.

  • Om Parkash Ahuja 26 Days ago

    Telesales communication

    As a sales representative I have to continuously hone on my value proposition to share with my clients and this course makes you think hard on how to accomplish it on a daily basis.

  • Suraj Singh 25 Days ago

    Telesales communication

    I'm thrilled to have taken another outstanding course from Potenza! As a busy seller, I appreciate the efficiency of these courses, which provide me with valuable insights and practical strategies that I can quickly implement. This particular course stands out for its focus on creating a compelling value proposition that can be applied across various stages of my sales funnel. It's a concise, actionable, and impactful resource. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the job of telesales?

Telesales professionals play a vital role in generating leads for the sales team. Also known as a telesales representative, their responsibility is to sell products or services directly over the phone. Telesales executive prospect for leads, present products or services, and handle objections with finesse.

Is telesales a good job?

Absolutely! Telesales is a fast-paced, dynamic field that hones your communication and persuasion skills. Plus, you get instant feedback and the satisfaction of closing deals. If you're a people person with a go-getter attitude, telesales can be a rewarding springboard to a successful sales career.

Is telecalling a sales job?

Telecalling is the backbone of telesales. The primary job of a teleseller is to generate leads or sales. Telesales executives must tailor their approach to each prospect, understand their needs and use persuasion skills to address client's needs while nudging them toward the company's offerings.

Why do you join telesales?

There are many reasons!  Telesales aids you to build a variety of skills and acquire data from multiple sources. It will improve your communication and persuasion skills. As a telesales  executive you will gain in depth knowledge about the products and services you will be selling.

What is an example of telesales?

Think of it like this: Imagine a company offering a fantastic new software program. Our job is to call potential customers who might benefit from it, explain its features, and convince them to give it a try.

What are the steps of telesales?

Telesales follows a clear roadmap. The steps involve researching your leads, crafting a compelling opening, presenting your product or service, handling objections like a pro, closing the deal (or scheduling a follow-up!), and always document your interactions.

What is a telesales role?

A telesales role encompasses the entire phone-based sales process. We research leads, make calls, build rapport, present products or services, address concerns, and ultimately aim to close the sale.

What is telesales in simple words?

Telesales is the art of selling by phone. It's about using your voice to connect with potential customers, understand their needs, and convince them that your product or service is the perfect fit.

Why do you join telesales?

People join telesales for various reasons, from enjoying human connection and the challenge of the sale to the potential for good income and career growth.

Why is telesales hard?

Telesales can be tough because it requires resilience. You face rejection, tight call targets, and need to be constantly motivated. But for those who thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy the satisfaction of closing deals, it's incredibly rewarding.