This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the skills and 
knowledge necessary to become proficient Full Stack Web Developers using PHP, 
Laravel, and MySQL. Participants will learn the fundamentals of web development, 
server-side scripting with PHP, building dynamic web applications with the Laravel 
framework, and managing databases using MySQL. The course includes hands-on 
projects to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, ensuring participants 
graduate with the ability to develop robust, scalable, and secure web applications.

1. Introduction to PHP Laravel

2. Laravel Models and Database Connectivity

3. User Authentication and Authorization

4. Front-End Development with Laravel

5. RESTful APIs with Laravel

6. Advanced Topics and Deployment


  • Guman Singh Basyal 27 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL

    The course served good SLQ and Laravel and helped me to use databases in different formats and updated environments. Greatly enhanced my knowledge.

  • Amardeep 25 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL

    Excellent! Interesting and Knowledgeable. It was excellent in reinforcing my learning, and has the right kind of challenge that pushed me the right way.

  • Jagdish 24 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL

    Taking this course has been beneficial in enhancing my programming and web development skills. Provided me with hands-on experience in app development, which has enabled me to engage in different project work. The teacher demonstrated great proficiency and passion. Consequently, I now feel more assured in my abilities as a developer post course completion.

  • Bharat 19 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL

    If you’re planning to grow your career while continuing your full-time job, this is the time. Not only do you get the opportunity to study from the comfort of your home, but you can also continue your full-time work without compromising on your studies - and platforms like Potenza make it possible. Great job team!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can we use Laravel for full-stack development?

Yes, you can!Laravel is a full-stack PHP framework, bundling tools for both backend (server-side logic, database interaction) and some front-end  (templates, routing) functionalities.

Is PHP Laravel good for web development?

Laravel is a powerful and popular choice for web development. It streamlines the whole process with its robust features, structured approach and a large community.

Is Laravel backend or full-stack?

Laravel is a full-stack framework that simplifies the functionalities of both backend (server-side logic) and some fronted development aspects. 

Can PHP and MySQL be used together?

Yes indeed ! PHP and MySQL are a powerful combo and a classic combination for web development. PHP  builds dynamic web pages, while MySQL stores data efficiently and integrates itself seamlessly with Laravel.

Can I make website using PHP and MySQL?

Yes! PHP and MySQL are the foundation of building powerful and dynamic websites.

Is Laravel high demand?

Laravel is a highly sought -after skill. It features efficiency and ease of use which makes a popular choice for many web development projects. 

Is Laravel full-stack developer?

Laravel is a framework, not a developer. It empowers full stack development by providing tools or both backend and frontend functionalities.

Is Laravel better than pure PHP?

Laravel provides a structured approach, security features and pre-built components on top of PHP. This fastracks development and makes it more secure and easier to maintain compared to writing everything from scratch in pure PHP.

Should I learn Laravel or PHP first?

Start with PHP. Laravel builds on PHP so having a basic understanding of core PHP concepts like e variables, functions, and object-oriented programming will help you create a strong PHP base.  

Is PHP backend or frontend?

PHP itself is backend focused. It excels at handling server-side logic, database interactions and generating dynamic web content. However Laravel can be used for some frontend templates and functionalities.