The Full Stack Web Development with SQL, Python, and Django course is designed to 
provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of both front-end and backend web development. This hands-on course equips students with the skills necessary 
to build dynamic, scalable, and secure web applications using a combination of SQL, 
Python, and the Django framework. Participants will learn the complete web 
development process, from designing interactive user interfaces to implementing robust 
server-side logic. The course emphasizes practical application through real-world 
projects to ensure students are well-prepared for the demands of full-stack development 
in the industry.

1: Introduction to Course

2: Introduction to HTML

3: Introduction to CSS and Bootstrap

4: Introduction to Javascript 

5: Introduction to Jquery and Json

6: Front End Projects 

7: Introduction to Version control Git and Github

8: Introduction to SQL and Database with Postgres

9: Python Introduction and Setup

10: Deep Dive Into Python

11: Introduction to Handling Exceptions 

12: Django Introduction and Setup

13: Deep Dive Into Django

14: Build RESTful Apis with Python, Django and Postgres

15: CapeStone Project 


  • Raja Kumar 66 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with SQL, Python, and Django

    Currently I’m pursuing my career as a part time data scientist, and soon I’ll be working as a full time analyst. Excited and anxious! Potenz Rocls!

  • Parveen 61 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with SQL, Python, and Django

    This is the perfect time to advance your career while working full-time. By utilizing such amazing platforms like Potenza, you can study conveniently from home, master web development while still focusing on your job. Invest in your career today. Well done team!

  • Shubham Yadav 56 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with SQL, Python, and Django

    If you’re willing to spend your money on learning programming languages, this course can be your good starting point.

  • Yogesh 51 Days ago

    Full Stack Web Development with SQL, Python, and Django

    Highly recommended. I was a newbie in Django and this course provides good entry points and insights. The lab work helped me alot to develop my understanding. Looking forward to enrolling for the next course.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can Django be used for full-stack web development?

Yes! Django rocks full-stack development and is built in Python. It provides tools and functionalities for both backend development (server-side logic, database interaction) and front-end development (templates, user authentication).

Is Python Django good for web development?

Django is a powerful and popular choice for web development. Both Python and Django are an amazing combination for clean and maintainable web development.

Do companies still use Django?

Yes! Django is a mature and well-regarded framework. Companies like Spotify and Instagram (partially) and The Washington Post use Django for scalability and security.

Why Django is better than SQL?

It's a misconception that Django is "better" than SQL. Django isn’t meant to replace SQL.   Django is a framework that simplifies working with databases. SQL is a structured query language for interacting with databases. Django handles the interaction part, while SQL defines the actual queries.They work together for a smoother web development process.

Which company uses Python Django?

Big names like Instagram, Spotify,  Disqus  and  The Washington Post rely on Django's powerful features.

How difficult is Python vs SQL?

Learning SQL is generally considered easier than Python. Here's why:

  • Focus: SQL is designed for querying databases, with a simpler syntax focused on that task. Python is a general-purpose language for various programming needs, requiring more concepts.
  • Learning Curve: SQL offers a quicker start due to its limited functionalities. Python has a broader range of features, leading to a steeper initial learning curve.

Both languages are valuable. Choose SQL for data analysis and database interaction, and Python for broader programming tasks.

Is SQL a backend language?

Yes, SQL is primarily a backend language. It is specifically designed for querying and managing data in relational databases.

Is Python front-end or backend?

Python can be used for both front-end and back-end development . Django is a full-stack framework built on Python, and there are other Python frameworks for front-end development as well.

Is Django backend or frontend?

Django tackles backend development, providing structure and tools for building web applications. However it also includes features for front-end templating as part of its full-stack capabilities.

Is Python and SQL enough to get a job?

Python and SQL are strong foundational skills for web development jobs. However, depending on the specific role, it's good to be familiar with additional tools and frameworks (like Django). Also  for full-stack roles, you might also need front-end skills like JavaScript. Acquiring these skills will ultimately strengthen your profile.