Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer who wants to learn web designing, this CSS interactive course will teach you how to design modern, responsive, professionally looking websites. You will learn how to use well-established website components and layout patterns and design a website that is not only beautiful but also responsive. We will teach you the basics of website designing starting from planning, sketching, designing, building, testing, optimising, and finally launching. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to utilise free design assets and add colours and background images, fonts and icons to make your website visually appealing. Also we will delve into the basics of typography, colour, images, spacing and more. This course will help you become familiarised with CSS properties, the CSS grid, and style attributes alongside debugging and best practices in web designs. If you're a website builder or a designer who wants to transform an HTML into an eye-catching website - this course is a bang-on for you. 

1. Introduction to CSS

2. CSS Syntax and Selectors

3. Styling Text and Backgrounds

4. Floats, Flexbox and CSS Grid Fundamentals

5. Advanced CSS Techniques

6.  Putting it all Together

7. Assessment


  • Avinash Arya 65 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With CSS

    Overall a good course! As a beginner I have learned a lot as the instructor did a good job in comprehending the fundamentals and explaining the basics. Planning to take the HTML course to get a better overview of website designing and development. Thanks Potenza!

  • Deepak Hudda 60 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With CSS

    The course is designed in a very clear and engaging manner. If you are building your foundation in CSS this course is an excellent starting point. I have invested a lot of hours in this CSS course and am happy with the results that I’m getting and everyday I’m becoming more confident in CSS.

  • Raj 59 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With CSS

    For beginners in CSS, this course is a good starting point to get your feet wet in this domain. I was able to understand the concepts without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • Gulshan Kumar 63 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With CSS

    Exactly what I needed! Potenza did an amazing job with this course. Both me and my friend completed this course within two days and we are already designing our client’s website. Anytime I have any doubts, I always refer to this Potenza course.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do front-end developers use CSS?

Yes!CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a fundamental skill and a front-end developer's best friend.  It controls the visual presentation of a web page, including layout, styling (fonts, colors, backgrounds), and responsiveness (how the page adapts to different screen sizes).

Is CSS good for web development?

CSS is like magic for web development!It  transforms plain HTML from the presentation (CSS), making web pages visually stunning and user friendly . Without CSS, websites would look very plain and lack proper structure.

Can I be a front-end developer without CSS?

Not exactly. technically possible to create very basic web pages with just HTML, most user-facing websites rely on CSS for styling and layout. CSS brings it to life visually otherwise you'd be building websites in black and white. For any professional front-end development role, strong CSS skills are expected.

Is CSS good for future?

Yes!CSS is a well-established and constantly evolving language. CSS is a fundamental skill for front-end development with constant upgradation of new features like grid layout and flexbox making web page layouts and responsiveness more powerful. As web development continues, CSS will remain a core skill.

Can I get a job if I know HTML CSS?

Knowing HTML and CSS is a strong foundation for landing front-end developer gigs!Many entry-level positions seek this skill combo. As you gain experience, you can add JavaScript and frameworks to your skill set for more advanced roles.

Is CSS very difficult?

CSS has a relatively gentle learning curve compared to some programming languages. It is known for being beginner-friendly! It has a straightforward  syntax and lets you see your style changes instantly.

Is CSS still in demand?

Yes, absolutely! As the web keeps growing, and new technologies emerge, CSS remains essential for  skilled front-end developers who can create visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

What is the best job after CSS?

There are many paths after mastering CSS!You can specialize in front-end development by learning JavaScript and frameworks like React or Angular. You could also explore back-end development or user experience (UX) design.

Does CSS require coding?

CSS uses code-like syntax - which is a stylesheet language with its own syntax.  It's not programming in the traditional sense, but more about visual styles.

Is CSS good for beginners?

Yes! CSS is a perfect starting point for your front-end development journey.  It's relatively easy to pick up and provides quick wins as you see the visual impact of your code on the web page. Also it lays the groundwork for more advanced skills.