This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the skills and 
knowledge necessary for full-stack web development using the React JavaScript library 
for the front end for the back end. Participants will engage in hands-on 
projects, covering essential concepts in both front-end and back-end development. By 
the end of the course, students will be capable of building dynamic, scalable web 

1. Introduction to React

2. Setting Up Environment

3. JSX and Elements

4. Components and Props

5. State and Lifecycle

6. Handling Events and Conditional Rendering

7. Lists and Keys

8. Forms and Controlled Components

9. Lifting State Up, Composition vs Inheritance

10. Routing

11. Advanced Hooks

12. More on Hooks and Context

13. High Order Components (HOCs)

14. Integration with External APIs and Data Fetching

15. Deploying React Applications

16. Project and Review


  • Harman Singh 66 Days ago

    Full stack Web Development With React

    If you invest in your education and build your skills, you will automatically witness massive growth in your career. Most importantly you are building your career from home rather than going to the campus - which gives you an added advantage of learning the subjects, while working fulltime.

  • Deepak 64 Days ago

    Full stack Web Development With React

    I found this course really helpful for refining my programming concepts. It gave me a taste of actually developing apps, and now I’m able to work on various projects. The instructor was highly competent and enthusiastic. After completing this course, now I’m much more confident in my development skills.

  • Vinod Lal 61 Days ago

    Full stack Web Development With React

    Great course! It covers in depth knowledge about frontend development. My learning journey was smooth and good.

  • Chander Shaker 51 Days ago

    Full stack Web Development With React

    I’m genuinely impressed by the organized curriculum and the quality of the content. I enrolled for web development with React and Node and it was top-notch. Looking forward to learning and experiencing more on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is node JS enough for full-stack developer?

No! Node.js is a backend powerhouse. But full-stack developers will need a framework like React.js to build a fancy user interface. Think of it as yin and yang.

Can React be used for full-stack?

React is a front-end superstar but not a full-stack all rounder. It is a tool developers use to build user interfaces (UI) and interactive elements. But when used together with Node.js they create magic.

Which is better, Node.js or React JS?

Node.js and Recact.js serve different purposes in web development, hence they cannot be compared. Think of them as apples and oranges. Node. js is for back-end speed and React.js is for building dynamic user-interface. You must learn both to become a full-stack superhero .

Can I use Node JS for web development?

The answer is: yes, you can! Node.js is a powerful back-end tool for lightning-fast web development. 

Should I learn Node.js or Python?

It solely depends on your goals. Node.js is a potent back-end tool that excels in building speedy web development. Python on the other hand  shines in data science and machine learning.

Is NodeJS frontend or backend?

Node.js is the backend architect that excels at running servers and handling tasks on the server-side. Basically it is the engine powering  the website.

Is node JS good for big projects?

Yes!Big projects love Node. js. It is known for scalability and keeps complex applications running smoothly.

How much coding is required for full stack developer?

Full-stack development requires commitment! You have to be prepared to learn multiple languages and frameworks. It is an investment, and super rewarding!

Do companies use Node. js for backend?

Yes! Top companies rely on Node.js for its speed and scalability in backend development.

What is Node.js best used for?

Node.js builds blazing fast, interactive web experiences. Think real-time applications like chat rooms,  data streaming, and microservices architectures.