Designed by industry experts, this Javascript course will help you become an advanced, confident and modern JavaScript developer from scratch. Here you will learn the core fundamentals of this programming language, and the basic concepts of web development with Javascript. Also you will work with arrays, functions, objects, variables, data types, the HTML DOM and much more. This course will show you how to use JavaScript and uncover collaborative opportunities with modern JavaScript technologies. The lessons and challenges in this course will guide you through these topics in-depth and our project based methodology will aid you in reinforcing these concepts.

1. Learn Java Fundamentals

2. Understanding JavaScript and its role it plays in web development

3. History and evolution of Javascript

4. Introduction to browser development tools

5. Understanding basic syntax and structure

6. Understanding data types, variables, strings, numbers, booleans, null undefined, and symbols.

7. Arrow functions and their syntax

8. Study global and block level scope in Javascript

9. Looping structures

10. Introduction to SPA frameworks and libraries

11. Prototype chain and inheritance models

12. Introduction to DOM and manipulation

13. Building real-world projects from scratch using the concepts learned

14. A dedicated forum with live Q&A, reference guide, cheat sheet and templates


  • Ramesh 66 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With JavaScript

    Really a well made course. It covers the concepts in-depth and the challenges and the projects help solidify your understanding. I did have some backend experience before and this Javascript course was everything I needed to speed up my learning. Grateful to the instructor for such help and support.

  • Hareesh 64 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With JavaScript

    Hands down this course is amazing! Starting from the fundamentals to the most complex concepts, everything was explained in such a strategic and detailed manner. Now I can say that I’m a confident Javascript programmer.

  • Shakti Kapoor 60 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With JavaScript

    This course provided me with a wealth of knowledge and the instructor was exceptional. I finished this course last month and from being someone who didn’t have any idea about JS to now a mid-level JavaScript developer, I ‘ve come a long way. Well structured and informative.

  • Sakshi Sehni 57 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With JavaScript

    Super interactive course that spells the most abstract part of this language into an easy-to-digest manner. Each step of the course is clearly explained and it deepened my understanding of each concept. Most importantly, this course caters to learners of all levels, whether beginner or advanced developers. Go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much JavaScript is used in front-end?

JavaScript is the dominant language that runs the show!  It's pretty much essential to create interactive elements, animations, and dynamic web page behaviour. Modern front-end development heavily relies on JavaScript for a user-friendly and engaging experience.

What is the salary of a front-end developer in JavaScript?

Front-end devs using JavaScript can command competitive salaries. Howeer it also varies depending on experience, location and skills. It's a well-paying field.

Is JavaScript only front-end?

No ! JavaScript is not limited to front-end development anymore. Back-end frameworks like Node.js are making JavaScript a full-stack player which can also be used for back-end development, creating servers and APIs. However, its primary use case remains front-end development.

What is the key skill for front-end developer?

JavaScript is a crucial skill, but it's not the only one. Front-end developers should also be proficient in HTML (for structure and content), CSS (for styling), and likely a front-end framework like React or Angular for building complex UIs efficiently.You should be good at problem-solving and creativity with an eye for design and a love for puzzles.

Is JavaScript harder than Python?

For beginners, Python might seem easier to learn due to its simpler syntax. The difficulty you assume, depends on your background. JavaScript can have a steeper curve than Python, but both are in demand.

What is JavaScript most used for?

JavaScript is primarily used for front-end development. Its magic lies in its ability to breathe life into web pages, creating a richer user experience and making them dynamic and responsive.

Why is JavaScript in high demand?

The high demand for JavaScript stems from the constant evolution of web technologies and the need for interactive features. And for that JavaScript is at the forefront.

Is front-end developer a good career?

Yes, front-end development can be a rewarding and thriving career path with plenty of opportunities for creative and technical minds.JavaScript skills are a plus, as they are widely used and well-compensated.

Why JavaScript is best for frontend?

While other languages can be used for front-end development, JavaScript's dominance in browsers and extensive libraries make it the go-to choice for interactivity on the web. It’s interactivity and dynamic web experiences makes it a standout among other languages and framework.