This comprehensive HTML course starts by understanding the fundamentals of HTML and covering its basics. Then, you will learn how to structure content, use HTML tags,  create lists, tables, and forms, and add visual interest with images and interactive links using HTML. You will gain hands-on experience on Absolute and Relative links, Data Input and Buttons. We will also gain a good overview of the basics and advanced concepts of jQuery. Explore HTML5 features and build a basic website by the course end. No experience is needed, just your creativity!

1. Introduction to HTML

2. Learn The Building Blocks of HTML

3. Formatting and Styling with HTML4

4. Adding Visuals and Interaction

5. Forms and User Interaction

6. Assessment



  • Goutam Gupta 60 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With HTML

    I believe this course is made for people like me who want easy to understand language and have never had any experience in coding. I loved working on real-time project while undertaking this course.

  • Vikash Jaiswal 66 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With HTML

    Good introduction to web development . Very helpful and straightforward for a novice. The instructor did a great job explaining the concepts and the information was packed without being too lengthy. Clear and helpful. Enjoyed it.

  • Sunil Sah 53 Days ago

    Frontend Web Development With HTML

    Exceptional course. The lessons along with the practice makes the retention power much more effective. Happy and grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you use HTML for web development?

Yes! HTML is the foundation of every website. It stands for HyperText Markup Language and  like the skeleton that gives it structure.  While it doesn't add dynamic behavior, it's essential for building the core framework that CSS and JavaScript can style and make interactive.

Does HTML require coding?

HTML uses markup, a system of tags that define the structure and elements of a web page. It's not programming in the traditional sense, but it is a language you need to understand to create web content. It’s easy to learn and the structure makes it a great language for beginners.

Is HTML a backend language?

No, HTML is a front-end language, which focuses on content and structure, while backend languages handle server-side logic and database interactions.

Is HTML in high demand?

While HTML alone might not be enough for a complete web development role, it's a fundamental building block for front-end development and will always be in demand.

Is HTML enough for front-end?

For basic web pages, HTML can be sufficient! But HTML alone won't make a fully interactive website. You'll need CSS (for styling) , likely JavaScript (for advanced features and interactivity). 

Does HTML have a future?

HTML is the core language of the web and is constantly evolving. So HTML's future is secure! As long as we have websites, we'll need HTML to build them.

Is HTML a good skill?

Yes!HTML is the foundational skill for anyone interested in web development. It is a great first step in your coding journey and is relatively easy to learn.

Should I learn HTML in 2024?

Definitely!Learning HTML in 2024 is an excellent investment. Since it's the cornerstone of web development, it opens doors to web development careers.

Can I make career in HTML?

Building a career solely on HTML might be limiting.  HTML alone might not be enough for a full web development career, it's a crucial first step. Combining HTML with CSS, JavaScript, and potentially a framework like React will open up more career opportunities in front-end development.

What skill is HTML?

HTML is a markup language, providing structure and content for web pages. It tells the browser what to display and how to organize it.